What would you like to know?

How much do you charge?
There are number of factors we consider when quoting for your event: the size of the venue, the amount of guests, the distance we have to travel and how long we will be at the venue are all taken into consideration. Check our Twitter feed at the bottom of each page for news on our special offers, and use the Contact Us page to request a personalised quotation.
How far Will You Travel?
SuperSession will travel anywhere in the UK and the rest of the world to play. SuperSession are based in The North West but have performed all over the UK.
Can you supply music before/after your sets?
Yes, we have a band iPod with over 3 hours of classic dance floor hits specifically for this purpose. However if you would like to use your own mp3 player or laptop through our PA system then you are most welcome.
Can we use your PA system for speeches or music?
Yes, as long as it is after our sound check then the PA can be used for speeches/and music.
What are your technical requirements?
We need a performance area that is a minimum of 5metres x 3 metres. The venue needs to supply an adequate safety earth mains supply with 3 or more separate normal 13 amp sockets. Power for the band should be local to the stage and not more than 10 metres distance. We also need a room/are to store our empty cases and personal belongings while we perform.
What other requirements do you have?
We need somewhere to change our clothes, (this can be the same room as the cases are stored in – providing it's big enough). We also require refreshments for up to 7 people, at weddings or partys we normally tag on to the end of the buffet queue, if you're not having a buffet venues can normally supply food for the band, this will need to be agreed in advance. If we have to pay for parking we also ask for that to be paid for.
How loud do you play?
The band can play as loudly or quietly as you like! SuperSession have played at many functions of differing sizes, and can tailor the volume to the size of the venue and number of people.
How do I book?
You can book SuperSession, by calling Pete on 07929 206 008 or going to our contact us page, and filling in the simple enquiry form, where Pete (Band Leader) will call or email you back personally to answer your query.
How early do you need to setup before an event?
We are experienced in working quietly and discreetly. It takes about 1.5 hours to unload and setup if we can park near the entrance to the stage area and there aren't any complications (stairs for example!). However the disco can start after about an hour while the band continue setting up. This time is built into your quote. At weddings we usually setup while the coffee and cake is being served after the speeches. However please ask if you'd like us to quote for an early setup for any reason – we'd be happy do it.
What time do you finish?
That is up to you, our standard time would be 11pm but we can pretty much start and finish when you want.
How long do you play for?
We can play for as long or as short as you would like us to, subject to cost and availability. To give you an idea, a typical evening event would be 2 x 60 mins sets with suitable iPod supplied music in between to keep the party flowing!

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SuperSession played at my 60th birthday party in front of over 100 guests and you could tell straight away how much everybody enjoyed their music. People were dancing from the start, which was fantastic, all ages too. All the comments from guests were how good the band were and what a marvellous range of songs were played, making our event such a success.

SuperSession are a very talented group - with glorious singing and harmonies provided by the beautiful lead singers, Laura and Hannah, and brilliant music from the guitarists, drummer and keyboard player: Pete, Mike, Jack and Andy. Their various solos were awesome, we couldn't wish for better and we're so happy that they played for us. Thank you, SuperSession!

Joy Coulbeck 60th Birthday Party